Levy Smith

Levy Smith

Sales Executive

Office: (707) 465-2121

Cell: (707) 951-5125

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Born in Modesto, CA. Four year Navy veteran. Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. Licensed CA Realtor for the last 6 years. Completed over 600 property valuations for various finance and lending companies. Local knowledge and insight.

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  • Kurt Stremberg
    Kurt Stremberg
    Broker / Owner
  • Doris Stremberg
    Doris Stremberg
    Owner / Sales / Property Managment
  • Jim Nelson
    Jim Nelson
    Sales Executive
  • Shirley Selman
    Shirley Selman
    Sales Executive
  • Levy Smith
    Levy Smith
    Sales Executive
  • Valentina Fry
    Valentina Fry
    Sales Executive
  • Jordynn Prado
    Jordynn Prado
    Sales Executive
  • Tahnee Thomas
    Tahnee Thomas
    Sales Executive
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    Karen Greenly
    Office Assistant
  • Kristen Friewald
    Kristen Friewald
    Web Services Manager

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